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Post  ZzSniperzZzzZ on Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:05 am

Who is the owner of Wisdom Craft? ZzSniperzZzzZ

How do I get in-game-money? Kill any type of mob. The reward varies for each type.

How can I rank up? Donate!

How can I attain easy items/kits(usable every other day): Donate!

What plugins are on the server? Not sure why that concerns you.

CAN I HAS DIAMOND? No; Do not ask for items.

Is griefing/raiding allowed? Yes... You would've known that if you typed /rules upon joining the server.

Can I be op? Don't even bother asking.

Are there any staff positions open? Yes, periodically; apply on the forums page: "Applications"

Can you built me a base? Are you that lazy?... No

How do I donate? Visit the donations page of our website.

What is McMMO? McMMO is some-what of a role-play addition to minecraft servers. Use specific tactics in combat, or gathering/hunting to increase your skill levels. You may also donate for skill levels.

Please feel free to post any other questions you may have.


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