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Ban Appeal Format Empty Ban Appeal Format

Post  ZzSniperzZzzZ on Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:11 am

Please post any ban appeals with this format. If you do not follow this format, your ban appeal will not be accepted, no matter how convincing it may be.

1)What is your Minecraft user name?

2)When were you banned (the more specific, the better)

3)What does the message say when you try to connect to the server?

4)Do you know which staff member banned you? (Usually in ban message when you try to login)

5)Why do you think you were banned?

6) What rules did you break, and why do you think you deserve to be unbanned ( A lot of detail is expected here)

7)Can you provide any other information or proof that could help your appeal? (e.g. screen shots, videos, witnesses)

8)Do you admit fault or breaking of a rule?


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