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Post  Wizard_Gorlock on Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:29 am

Website mod or chat mod whichever you guys need at the time
1 week - 2 weeks from start to how many days I have been on
Nothing except a player and faction leader.
A tekkit and another normal minecraft server
Im good with persuasion and Im in my debate team at school. I normally win. Im pretty friendly.
I want to be a mod because I feel I have the abilities to help you guys out. I have been observing the server and normally there is not one on and that can be harmful to a server. This server has amazing potential and I'd love to help with the website. I normally run the websites for servers or help with them I have a few websites of my own that I use for things like my company and a few things on the side.
Oklahoma, USA
Mountain time
Please consider my application and I hope to see you guys on the field!


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